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We are the pioneers in the field of international student recruitments, processing, documentation and students’ management in Nepal and abroad. We open a clear platform for the student’s choices in abroad study. As we know that most of the universities and colleges find it difficult to recruit desired numbers and quality of international students, instead they bear high costs for developing agent network and spend a fortune on travel and marketing budgets to do so. We simplify the entire process either using digital tools and with our representative in abroad. Our range of services includes match making, automation of the international office operations and personalized services to run offshore office for your institution. Seeking the students’ desire about targeted countries we open various options for countries. Besides we assist students’ interest for selection about specific parts of the countries. We also give specific information about the targeted area and people life-style in such places.

The main areas where we can help:

  1. Finding good universities, schools for study
  2. Suggestion for documentation preparation
  3. Automating student recruitment process
  4. Pursue the progress of the documentation
  5. Achieving intake recruitment targets
  6. Updating about documentation process
  7. Assisting for management in abroad

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